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A few years ago a freind of mine was perscribed Paxil by his therapist.

My friend lives in the NY area and was having problems with alchohol and

depression after 9/11.

About a year ago he decided to get off the drug only to discover when he

tried to ween himself off it his own nervous system started to give

him electrical shocks. "It was like trying to open a metal bottle cap

with my teeth and getting a shock, only all throughout my entire nervous system."

He told me.

I don't doubt that drugs like Paxil, Prozac et al. are miracle drugs for

some people in some situations. But I was horrified to learn that

Physically Addictive Drugs like Paxil are routinely perscribed without

notice to patients of their addictive properties. Isn't this a bit like perscribing


Detail regarding the physically addictive properties of Paxil is well documented.






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