music is the division of time with sound


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Know it's a Dream

A cohesive band instrumentation effort reflecting on dark wine colored moods.

Rock n' Roll

The sound of lightning striking.

spirit form

Reflecting music.

Great buys on lullabies

Songs. Acoustic guitar and voice.

Walking Music

A soundtrack for films to make with your mind.

The Wilderness of our Dreams

Dense, Dark Songs. A mountain climb of an album. Rock slides. Avalanches. Changing Terrain.

14 K Gold Diamond

Songs and experiments. Playful. Casual. Moody.



Joy Response

Joy = Responsibility. Joy = Response Ability.


A live one.

Legal Drugs.

Meditations on Pharmacologically imposed loss.

The Last Barbecue.

Meditations on Messianism.

The Bewilderedness of Our Dreams

A more personal, threadbare, companion to The Widerness of Our Dreams album.



You are on the



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